Places I can’t get out of my head

The theme of this months travel link up hosted by Emma, Kelly and Rebecca with guest host Liz is ‘Places you can’t get out of your head’. Three are quite firmly planted there right now for very different reasons.

The place I will visit shortly

It’s part excitement, part ‘I have so much I need to organise!’ which means I can’t get Vietnam out of my head. Somewhere near the top of my to-do-list is booking a Halong Bay Junk Cruise where I’ll be in mid November.

Does anyone have a provider of choice they can recommend? Please let me know in the comments!

The fictional place

I’ve just about finished re-watching Gilmore Girls and OMG if only I could visit Stars Hollow. I’d attend a town meeting, take in a show at Miss Patty’s, drink coffee at Luke’s Diner and hang out with Lorelei and Rory at the cinema with copious amounts of junk food to throw at Kirk and Taylor.

The ‘In my dreams’ place

I will unashamedly admit Made In Chelsea has been my favourite TV programme for over three years now. I very much want to live there. When I raise my excitement about heading home to watch a new episde, people who have never watched the show say something like ‘oh, is that like The Only Way Is Essex?. NO IT’S NOT – I like classy, not trashy.

Three years ago I walked The Kings Road keeping an eye out for the likes of Spencer, Ollie and Millie, sipped coffee at The Bluebird and window shopped in places only they could afford.

What place can you not get out of your head? Is there a fictional place you wish you could visit?

20 Countries I travelled to in my 20’s

I’m 30 later this year and while I’m unlikely to have visited 30 countries when I hit the milestone, I have already travelled to over 20 countries in my 20’s.

I’ve travelled with friends, family, boyfriends and strangers and had a pretty fantastic time doing it. Here is a random round up of 20 in vague order of first visit, including links where there is a blog post about them.

1. Fiji – Nadi, Suva and several Islands in the Mamanuka group.

2. Australia – Sydney and later in my 20’s I returned several times visiting Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

3. England – Living in London for 6 months and visiting Bath, Stonehenge, Cambridge and Manchester.

4. Germany – Munich. I loved the Beer Gardens, the Hoffbrau House and Bretzels.

5. Austria – Innsbruck

6. Lichtenstein – a short stop on Contiki to have our passports stamped at the cute Tourist Office and gaze up at the castle.

7. France – Paris at age 24, Marsaille and Cannes later.

8. Italy – Rome, Venice, Florence and Pisa with Contiki, Lake Bracciano, Milan, and assorted small towns on Cruise routes.

9. Switzerland – Lucerne and the alps

10. Samoa – both major islands

11. USA – both coasts taking in California, New York, Washington State and DC as well as Hawaii.

12. Scotland – Edinborough

13. Ireland – Dublin plus a few daytrips to see Cobh, Cork and more.

14. Wales – Cardiff, Anglesea and Bets-y-Coed

15. Croatia – Split

16. Belgium – Bruges and Antwerp

17. The Netherlands – Amsterdam

18. Greece – Athens and the Greek Islands on The Yacht Week.

19. Spain – Barcelona, Majorca and Vallencia on a cruise

20. Canada – Whistler, Vancouver and Victoria

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