20 Countries I travelled to in my 20’s

I’m 30 later this year and while I’m unlikely to have visited 30 countries when I hit the milestone, I have already travelled to over 20 countries in my 20’s.

I’ve travelled with friends, family, boyfriends and strangers and had a pretty fantastic time doing it. Here is a random round up of 20 in vague order of first visit, including links where there is a blog post about them.

1. Fiji – Nadi, Suva and several Islands in the Mamanuka group.

2. Australia – Sydney and later in my 20’s I returned several times visiting Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

3. England – Living in London for 6 months and visiting Bath, Stonehenge, Cambridge and Manchester.

4. Germany – Munich. I loved the Beer Gardens, the Hoffbrau House and Bretzels.

5. Austria – Innsbruck

6. Lichtenstein – a short stop on Contiki to have our passports stamped at the cute Tourist Office and gaze up at the castle.

7. France – Paris at age 24, Marsaille and Cannes later.

8. Italy – Rome, Venice, Florence and Pisa with Contiki, Lake Bracciano, Milan, and assorted small towns on Cruise routes.

9. Switzerland – Lucerne and the alps

10. Samoa – both major islands

11. USA – both coasts taking in California, New York, Washington State and DC as well as Hawaii.

12. Scotland – Edinborough

13. Ireland – Dublin plus a few daytrips to see Cobh, Cork and more.

14. Wales – Cardiff, Anglesea and Bets-y-Coed

15. Croatia – Split

16. Belgium – Bruges and Antwerp

17. The Netherlands – Amsterdam

18. Greece – Athens and the Greek Islands on The Yacht Week.

19. Spain – Barcelona, Majorca and Vallencia on a cruise

20. Canada – Whistler, Vancouver and Victoria

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Why I won’t be appearing on the Amazing Race: My Travel Personality

Over the past few days I’ve watched a number of ‘My Travel Personality’ posts appearing in my social feeds. So what is my Travel Personality?

As much fun as competitors gush about The Amazing Race being, my travel personality is pretty much summed up as ‘the opposite’. Given the chance I’d be the one sitting in the corner crying while my teammate stresses out.

Times Square New York

It takes the right travel buddy

I’ve written before about solo travel as an introvert

When I was in my early 20’s and single I found it difficult to find travel buddies as my friends were all studying/ saving for houses or had other spending priorities. So I travelled alone and met up with friends along the way.

I’m not always the best when things go wrong, and I’ve seen flat tyres, got hopelessly lost in foreign cities and run out of petrol on the Pacific Coast Highway and not necessarily dealt with them spectacularly.

When I’m travelling with other people, I need a travel buddy who can force me to get it together and give me a clear instruction, so I can assist in getting us out of the predicament. And it’s helpful if they can work out if I’m hangry or need to sleep.

I prefer a plan

I like booking flights well in advance and getting a great deal. I don’t like booking them on the fly and being subjected to insane prices

I also prefer to have accommodation booked and know where I’ll be staying the night (not be aimlessly running around the world looking for Phil Keoghan). The rest I can join the dots on as we go.

Typically how Mike and I plan trips is that I do lots of research, he ignores my emails for several weeks, I stress out about rising prices, he redoes the research in under an hour and then books something entirely different.

While I might pretend I’m intrepid and love casually dropping an upcoming one-way flight to Phuket and lack of further plans into conversations, that is not how I travel. Plans will be nailed before we leave.

I require suitcase and clean clothes

I’ve never been a true backpacker as I’ve never owned a backpack. I’d rather drag a suitcase. And the ability to do laundry somehow is a must.

I need sleep

Call me high maintenance but I can’t sleep in an airport, on a plane, or actually anywhere which is not a bed. And nothing’s all that fun when you’re massively overtired.

I went through a short period of staying in hostels and cheap accommodation, but with a partner to share with these days as well as an increased budget as a working adult we can afford a step up. The added bonus of not sharing is a good night’s sleep and a room and bathroom to yourselves.

Trevi Fountain

‘Racing’ is not my style

I prefer to take my time and mix running around ticking off the tourist destinations with time to just chill out and enjoy being on holiday. Always being on the go is exhausting.

Reading posts like this  and this about what goes on behind the scenes of The Amazing Race actually makes it sound pretty fun though!

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