YOTELAIR London Gatwick Airport Review

As a frequent traveler, I’ve seen my fair share of airport accommodation, but my stay at YOTELAIR London Gatwick Airport was a highlight.

I’d booked a stopover in London between adventures in Santorini and the Scottish Highlands but there was a planned rail strike so instead of a whole lot of hassle getting into central London and then back to the airport the next morning, I decided to find a hotel in the Gatwick Airport South Terminal for the night.

I booked into YOTELAIR London Gatwick Airport which is outside of security, a short stroll from departure gates and the inter-terminal shuttle service. Described as a Japanese-style capsule hotel the hours are somewhat limited for overnight stays – the room was only mine from 6pm in the evening until 9am the next morning. It is possible to extend your stay but they charge by the hour for the privilege. I chose to spend a bit of extra time sitting in the airport terminal instead.

YOTELAIR’s check-in process was thankfully seamless and efficient. Upon my arrival at bang on 6pm, I was greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable staff member who swiftly checked me in. Within a couple of minutes, I had my key card in hand and was ready to wander down the fuchsia-lit corridor to relax in my cabin.

YOTELAIR offers travelers a range of cabin sizes to suit their needs. I opted for a Single cabin, which was £120 for the night and had just enough space to open and repack my large suitcase with its compact design.

The room had everything I needed for a short stop over – I could charge all my devices at once, and the monsoon rain shower in the ensuite bathroom was amazing after a day travelling. There was free Wi-Fi and smart TV for entertainment and a connection to the outside world. 

YOTELAIR has a 24 hour concierge service should you need assistance with anything such as travel arrangements, or to order food, and they offered complimentary drinks including tea, coffee and water. I grabbed a meal deal from the Waitrose just downstairs in Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal instead or ordering food to my room.

The cabin’s modern, minimalist feel and soundproofing was perfect for unwinding, and I was impressed at how they could provide this peaceful environment in such a busy airport to the point that it’s easy to completely forget that is where you are.

There is also a Sofitel hotel in Gatwick Airport South Terminal but YOTELAIR London Gatwick Airport was the cheaper of the two.

When it comes to airport hotels, convenience and comfort are key. I will definitely be looking out for YOTEL Hotels for short stopovers around the world.