1. Miranda says

    I visited Wellington during the winter, definitely enjoyed it, but man the wind goes right through ya! 😉 Would love to go back and see those tulips

      • Miranda says


        I can’t wait to hear about your time in Europe, it’s been on my bucket list since – well forever, but I haven’t had the chance to make it over there yet. Soon, I hope!

  2. T'lia says

    Gosh I thought I’d done tons of of things in Wellington when we were there the other month, but I only did one thing on your list! Ha! It’s a beautiful city. 🙂

  3. Elizabeth Harding says

    I do love Wellington! Especially over spring/summer when it’s not so windy! Great post, nice to link up on the wanderlust linkup 🙂 Im Liz at Passport Packed.

  4. Malinda Brown says

    New Zealand is a beautiful country to visit. I never knew Wellington had Botanic Gardens – on my list!

    • Sarah says

      It is quite fab and totally different to any other Wellington building I can think of. Also by not being wooden it survived a fire other parliament buildings didn’t in 1907. A must visit!

  5. Nic says

    Thanks for the ideas about places to go. I’m also an almost 30(hm.)-something and I’ve just moved to Wellington, so great to get some new suggestions for the weekend.
    Nic x

    • Sarah says

      Hi Nic, thanks for the comment. From Instagram I can see you’re doing very well at exploring Wellington! Enjoy the sun while it’s shining 🙂

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