Spending a weekend in Brighton

Coming from New Zealand I do not understand how Brighton is a great beach – voted in the top 10 beaches in the world. I would take any Coromandel beach which features warm water and actual sand rather than pebbles any day!

Spending a weekend in Brighton, my party of four took the train from London and rented an apartment online. It worked out much cheaper than staying in a motel or even hostel in the area and was a lovely, central place to stay.

We found plenty of things to do in Brighton during our short break.

Visit Brighton Pier

The main attraction in Brighton is of course the famous pier and it is a must-visit. We spent hours exploring the pier, buying the famous Brighton Rock Candy, attempting to win on the sideshow stalls, watching the roller-coasters and playing arcade games. It has a really wholesome, old-school fun feeling.

We also had a fish pedicure where little fish nibble the dead skin cells off your feet. If you have ticklish feet it can be challenging to put your feet in the water and get used to the crazy feeling of fish swimming around and nibbling! My feet were incredibly smooth afterwards though!

Brighton pier viewed from beach during a weekend in brighton
Three young women sitting having a Fish pedicure at brighton pier
Brighton Rock Candy which reads 'Brighton' inside stick

Adjacent to the pier we found a challenging mini golf course as well as the Brighton Wheel which I’m sad to hear has since been removed. For 8 pounds per person it went around at least 3 times with interesting commentary on the history and sights of the area which will allowed us to get our bearings.

brighton beach wheel and city viewed from pier during a weekend in brighton

Volks Railway

We also went on the Volks Railway from the Pier to the Marina which was the first public electric railway in the world. Taking the Volks Railway cost around 2 pounds per person, though I didn’t think there was much to see at the end – it’s certainly about the journey not the destination!

four adults boarding Volks Railway train at Brighton Pier

Photos mostly Caitlin’s.¬†And here’s one from my dad- a picture of my mum, years ago during their own weekend in Brighton.

woman sitting on beach chair with brighton pier in background in 1980's