Save money on travel – 10 tips for your next trip

how to save money on travel

Use a free flight comparison website to find the cheapest fares

Flight comparison websites are great to save money on travel. I especially love the ‘to anywhere’ function on Skyscanner for when you know the dates you can travel but are unsure where you want to go (or you’re just at work and dreaming).

As well as seeing where the best deals are at you can sign up for price alerts if there’s a figure you’re looking to pay under.

Don’t eat out every meal

If breakfast is included in your room rate go hard, otherwise a breakfast drink on the run, or buying a stash of breakfast items to have at your accommodation might be a good solution to save money on travel.

Dinners tend to be the most expensive meal of the day so you could make Lunch your main meal and snack on grocery store items at dinner. If the only cooking facility you have is a kettle in your room, couscous and a small can of tuna is a winning dish.

Carry on where possible

Carry on luggage not only saves on baggage charges but you can get through security so much quicker. I’m definitely an over-packer and am regularly surprised by just how much I can fit in my hand luggage with the right packing technique.

Beware of bank fees and don’t buy foreign currency in airports

Work out the cheapest way to get foreign currency, it’s probably not withdrawing it from ATMs and the currency conversion fees on that handy travel card might be astronomical. I always take at least some cash with me purchased at the best rate I can find before I leave.

Save money on toiletries as well as space

If you’re travelling with a group consider buying one large shampoo/sunscreen/shower gel between you and share it rather than everyone carrying their own and a cluttered bathroom.

If you’re travelling solo, purchase travel sized bottles and refill them between trips rather than buying new ones.

Plan ahead how you’re going to get from the airport to your accommodation

Taxis seem much more convenient when you’re exhausted and don’t know where you’re going but major cities have airport buses or trains which save a heap of money if you use them.

Research the cheapest way to get around

Train, Bus or car hire for example.  I’ve found taxis in other parts of the world cheaper than they are in New Zealand, but in Wellington and Auckland I’ve taken to Uber which costs much less, is convenient and the drivers are awesome.

Last minute booking sites are awesome has got me a couple of cut price cruises and needitnow and will find you some great accommodation deals for providers who aren’t yet full and need to sell rooms.

Don’t roam on your phone network

Tell mum and your boss not to call you and use Facetime or an app such as Whatsapp when you’re connected to free Wi-Fi. Hotels, Starbucks and McDonalds are great spots to connect at the world over.

Buy travel insurance

You never know the mess you could get yourself in if you don’t have travel insurance. You can’t afford to travel without it whether it’s a short trip or a long one.

Any great tips to add which you use to save money on travel? Comment below!



  1. April 16, 2015 / 5:10 am

    These are SUCH good tips!! I especially agree about eating out– I always try to find accommodations with a fridge or kitchenette so we can make our own food sometimes.

    • April 16, 2015 / 10:11 am

      Thanks Daisy! Yes simple utilities so you don’t have to eat out all the time can be such a money saver.