Skydiving vs Bungy Jumping

When I wrote my 30 Before 30 list last November I included a bit of the extreme – ‘Skydive or Bungy Jump’.

When I wrote it in my head it was always going to be a Skydive for the following reasons:

  • The thought of Bungy jumping from 40 metres freaked me out more than a Skydive from 17,000 feet. Even when watching The Amazing Race I would question how I would feel if someone was forcing me to bungy jump
  • I’d read that above a certain height you have no depth perception. The ground just doesn’t look that close so it was supposedly easier
  • With Skydiving I figured if something went wrong it would all be over pretty quickly. If a bungy goes wrong chances are you’re going to be maimed for life
  • Skydiving requires someone to be strapped to you and throw you out of the plane. Bungy jumping – you have to throw yourself off that platform – AJ Hackett staff won’t push you.

It was an easy first win and so Skydiving with Skydive Auckland was the first item crossed I crossed off my 30 Before 30 list last November.


Someone at work decided the Auckland Harbour Bridge Climb¬†was an excellent team building idea, and that Bungy Jumping should be optional. So while I’d never have paid to do it, the combination of work footing the bill, a bit of friendly peer pressure from colleagues and general FOMO meant I threw myself off a perfectly good bridge last week.

Seeing nine colleagues deal with pre-jump nerves in different ways was amusing – people who normally won’t shut up go quiet, normally friendly colleagues retract into themselves and don’t want to talk to anyone and even the over-confident ‘I’ve done this three times before’ scream while going over the edge.
But it turned out to be so much fun!