The Maps Not Apps Travel Journal

The brainchild of Seattle-based travel blogger Valerie, Maps Not Apps aims to tie people more closely to the world in which they travel. In the digital age, we sadly see destinations through our devices, tweets and snaps.

The Maps Not Apps Travel Journal is the first physical product from Maps Not Apps and has over 200 pages of space for travel thoughts, sketches, ticket stubs, and more, as well as an inspiring travel quote on each page.

Having a new journal to write in was like the grown-up version of a new school book – I wanted each page to be beautifully presented with perfect handwriting.

I bought my first glue-stick in years, and began to wish I owned a Polaroid camera. If you’re a travel blogger it’s handy to write in on location and transpose into a blog post later, or just use for your more personal thoughts.

maps not apps review

The finish of the cover is quite easily marked so you might just want to wash your hands before you document that pizza in Italy. I think your journal showing signs of your experiences is a cool thing –  but I was a bit upset when I accidentally used it as a coaster and it left a ring.

The Maps Not Apps Travel Journal is also the perfect size for a handbag or backpack so if size is your excuse for using apps over physical journals, that’s not really valid.

Pick up a Maps Not Apps Travel Journal here.

I was gifted a Maps Not Apps Travel Journal for review, but thoughts and scrapbooking efforts were my own and what I would share with a friend.